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now and again/ i forget you/ still

now and again/ i forget you/ still

and it’s unfair that every time i walk through
and city hall park
where you (finally)
(almost) held my hand
i have to think about your eyes
even though they’re empty to me
gazing across the river
light dances at midday
i wish
i could (almost) hold your hand
i want to see you
just to dismiss…

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you never forget the first place that made you feel at peace

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She stands in the kitchen and says, “Kristie, look at me.” I look over and see her grin…

She stands in the kitchen and says, “Kristie, look at me.”
I look over and see her grin as she holds up a fork.
Our eyes connect, and I smile.

The only reasonable explanation is friendship. Knowing each other so well that all it takes is holding up a fork to know exactly what is funny. Immediately, I know that she’s holding up a fork that I put in the kitchen drawer by the sink, because our other…

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  1. The boy who takes your virginity is only going to love you long enough for you to stay in his bed.
  2. Your first job is never the best job. But you’ll meet some of your best friends there.
  3. Sometimes things don’t go the way you expect them to at all.
  4. People are usually never who they say they are.
  5. If you love someone, you need to tell them. Nobody is good at the guessing game.
  6. If your best friends don’t like the boy you’re involving yourself with, chances are he’s bad news.
  7. If a boy starts an invitation with, “Are you home alone”/”I’ll be home alone”, say no. You are a human being, not a toy to be played with.
  8. If some boy invites you to “the backseat of his truck”, he’s a piece of shit. Tell him to fuck himself.
  9. “Sorry” doesn’t always fix what you messed up.
  10. Stop wasting time wishing you could take back what you already did.
  11. You are at fault sometimes.
  12. There’s going to be a boy that you let get away. Yes, you loved him. It’s for the best, though.
  13. Toxic people hardly ever start off toxic.
  14. It’s always nice to make new friends, but never forget who your real friends are.
  15. Never lose the friends that would answer their phone at 3am if you called
  16. Never lose sight of who you are because of a boy.
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life hack: yawn in class and who ever yawns was staring at u

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new playlist, y’all

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Marco Ugolini

this pleases me aesthetically

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Better than this years entire show

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